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Working naturally takes up a large share of my time. Fortunately I'm excited about most of the things I work with.

Currently I'm partner and consultant in a danish consulting company called Keystones. At Keystones we work with high tech companies in a number of areas within business development and raising capital, including strategy, business models, market research, business focus, marketing, sales, PR and financial needs.

Throughout the years I have worked with more than 20 companies in the areas of biotech/pharma, medtech, IT, media and engineering. I have also held interrim management positions in two companies, including head of marketing & sales for a medtech company and network manager for European network of venture capital funds.

With regards to education, I hold a M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration (cand.merc.IB) (specialization in International Business) from Copenhagen Business School. As part of my master degree I followed an International MBA programme in Columbia, USA. In addition, I have studied social science at the University of Roskilde and electronic engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.




Visit Keystones at www.keystones.dk


Visit the website of the medical device "MediCinus", which has been developed to help parents give their children fluid medicine orally. www.medicinus.dk

InvestorNet and Gate2Growth 

Visit the website of InvestorNet (a pan-european network of venture capital funds) and Gate2Growth (a pan-european project under the EU-commission to promote entrepreneurship in Europe). www.investornet.gate2finance.com and www.gate2growth.com

Copenhagen Business School 

Visit the website of the Copenhagen Business School at www.cbs.dk

Technical University of Denmark 

Visit the website of the Technical University of Denmark at www.dtu.dk  


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