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I've been windsurfing since I was 12 years old and it's been giving me a rush ever since. A few years back I started kitesurfing as a supplement. I thought it would be a perfect suit for lower windspeeds, while I could keep windsurfing at higher windspeeds. This works, even though kitesurfing has taken over as the preferred kind of surfing. Even if windspeeds are high enough for an excellent day of windsurfing I still pull out the kite if possible.

To the right you can find pictures from some of the kitetrip I've made.



Kitecamp at Anholt 

Click the pictures above to see pictures from the kitecamp at Anholt, a small island in Denmark.

Kitesurfing at Sydvestpynten 

Click the pictures above to see pictures from the danish surfspot "Sydvestpynten", which is located just south of Copenhagen.


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